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Mr. Big™ Men’s Vitality Supplement | L-Arginine & Ginseng Extract | Improve Energy, Stamina & Strength | Vegetarian Nutraceutical Tablets For Vitality |

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Mr. Big™ tablet is a vitality supplement containing a blend of essential ingredients for optimal health. Our tablet includes L-Arginine, which supports protein synthesis and promotes healthy blood flow for men, Melatonin for de-stressing, Ginseng extract for mental alertness and energy, L-methyl folate for new cell formation and reducing depression, and multiple vitamins for overall health and performance in your physical life. This natural, non-habit forming supplement is designed to help overcome deficiencies and help provide a power-packed performance in all aspects of your life.

  • L-ARGININE FOR IMPROVED BLOOD FLOW- Mr. Big, aids in improved blood circulation and endurance. It is made from all natural combination of L-Arginine, Ginseng, and essential vitamins and minerals!

  • BOOST ENERGY & STAMINA- The combination of Melatonin, L-methyl folate along with essential vitamins and minerals helps boost energy and reduce stress. The natural formulation also aids in mental focus, and stamina, thereby, aiding lasting strength and fitness. 

  • INCREASE FULLNESS & STRENGTH- Regain power with our original supplement that helps with muscle fullness, strength and enhancement for improved performance. 

  • VEGETARIAN, GLUTEN-FREE- Mr. Big™ tablet a registered TM of brand
    NOTSHY™, is vegetarian, gluten free and made with pure natural ingredients. .

  • SUPERIOR QUALITY- Pure formulations give you maximum strength and stamina.

Potential Benefits of Mr. Big:     
- Long lasting solution for low energy.     
- May boost power & stamina.     
- May improve strength & endurance.

- Low mobility in the cavernous bodies.     
- Low energy & decreased sensitivity.     
- Low intimacy drive & decreased stamina.


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L-Arginine - is an amino acid that is commonly used in men's health supplements like Mr. Big™. It has numerous potential health benefits, including improved blood circulation, enhanced physical performance, reduced fatigue, and increased fullness. 

Ginseng - the natural solution for intimate wellness. This adaptogenic herb has been used for centuries to improve overall health and physical function. And, when used for vitality tablets,  it could help improve functions by increasing nitric oxide production and blood flow to the pelvic area. 

Melatonin - is a hormone that aids in regulating sleep patterns and is also known to have potential benefits for reducing stress levels. It is commonly used in men's health supplements like Mr. Big™ to potentially improve sleep quality and help with sleep disorders. It may also have potential benefits for reducing symptoms of anxiety and supporting overall mood.      

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Is there any side effect of Mr. Big?     
There are no known side effects.


Is it habit forming?     
Absolutely not, While you get maximum benefits while maintaining regular dosage. It is not habit forming.


NOTSHY's mission is to bring you tailored personal wellness solutions with a combination of the best natural ingredients in the world. All our products are FSSAI and/or Food & Drugs Administration (Maharashtra State) approved. Millions of happy customers are proof of our “excellent quality at the right price” mantra. NOTSHY bringing you closer to your partner #completelove. For questions or assistance, please reach out at +91- 07400116564  or healthcoach@neemasales.com 


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